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How we ease the pain for software developers and successfully update cultures

We will conjure a talented software engineer for any tech need you might have. Converting your day into a painless one. Right there before your eyes.

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At Solidify we believe in the personal touch. It's a vital part of everything we do, from consulting to software development and recruiting.

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We had seen it all. We had an idea and decided it was time for a change. Let's form a company that removes pain. Solidify was born.

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"Solidify are highly competent in an area where it’s tough to find the right resources. Besides possessing experience of various Microsoft tools and products, they spread knowledge and helps us understand the potential of some solutions. As certified Microsoft partners, we trust that their expertise is first-class. The consultants from Solidify are not just consultants. They are aware of our goals and contribute on multiple levels. With well functioning organization integrations, they have truly become a part of our team."

- William Jonsson

Team Manager, SEB

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